1812 Overture

Chaikovsky Piotr | Nishimoto Tomomi

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16m 27s
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1812 Overture with Russian Chorus
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In 1880 Tchaikovsky was requested to "compose a commemorative composition to celebrate the 1812 victory, fill it with national themes. Make it a ‘useful’ occasional work to be performed to mark the opening of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. And the 25th anniversary of Alexander II’s coronation. The chorus lyrics might be: "Спаси, Господи, люди Твоя, и благослови достояние Твое, победы преснолюбимому воинству и богорадивой державе на сопротивныя даруя, и Твое сохраняя Крестом Твоим жительство." Title : God Preserve Thy People: Grant salvation to Thy people, Lord, and we pray Thee bless thine inheritance, O God. Grant vict'ry to those who fight to save our righteous faith and our dear sacred land. and from all evil deliver us. Then the guardian of perfect grace, the cross will forever be. Video from Performed on 2 Jan 2004 in Moscow Consevatoire by: Russian Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra conducted by Tomomi Nishimoto 西本智実 The Yuriov Chapel Choir of Russia with Chorus Director Stanislav Gusev YOu can buy this and Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 from They also have many other recordings with her conducting, just search using her name "西本智実"