Some years ago, Joseba, using the musical knowledge gained throughout the years, started to do a collection and classification of YouTube videos of classical music.

At first, this collection was done in a document in order to recommend music to Alaia (his daughter).

The document created by Joseba starts to be too heavy and ineffective.  Besides, we thought that it could be interesting to share Joseba´s work with people and can enjoy it in a more comfortable way.

This is where Arkaitz come in! Thanks to his knowledge of Web development, we think to develop a website where Joseba can easily add and classify videos and the viewers can easily watch them, search them, see information about them…

And the latest addition to our group is Nagore, a music teacher with more than 30 years of experience in the world of music education, in love with her language and music. Starting in a music school and for his training, teaching music from students from 2 to 18 years old, working in different educational centers, what better material than VideoMusicalis can be offered to work with music for different styles and ages, also in our language, and is available to the greatest number of people who want it?